Where Can I Ride My ATV or UTV?

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Getting your ATV out for a ride is something you like to do but there doesn’t seem like a lot of places to go riding.  Where are some of the best places to ride in Illinois & Indiana?

Well we compiled a list of some of the closest places to our Can-Am dealership that are available for riding pretty much all day.

The most obvious off-road park is The Badlands in Attica, IN.  They are open 362 days a week, offer a place to stay, concession stand on the weekend and have 800 acres of land for just about any kind of all-terrain vehicle.  When you get there you will find streams to cross, trails to follow, rocks to climb, play in the sand dunes not to mention mud and ruts to wallow in. 

Cost for the Badlands is only $25 per person. You can go to their website here.

Next up is the Redbird State Park Riding area in Dugger, IN.

This area is operated and owned by the Indiana DNR and covers 1200 acres of riding.  There are trails for the beginner and the experienced.  For more information visit the State Park website here.

Tilton ATV Park.  The city of Tilton runs the ATV Park which opened in about 2012.  This isn’t a huge riding area but it’s definitely worth your time if you live close.  They have certain times they are open and you pay either at City Hall during a weekday or the concession stand on the weekend.  A daily pass is only $15.00 and they do offer family discounts and yearly memberships. 

There are some nice hills at the Tilton ATV Park, you have to be careful not to run off into the ravine which is quite steep in some areas.  The park is continually being improved as more riders venture down the trails, definitely worth your time for a nice day of riding on different terrain.

Get more information about the Tilton ATV Park by going here.

The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off Road Park in Marseilles, IL has 300 acres of varying terrain.  Long trails around the park and some off the beaten path.  Cost is $24 for 15 and older, they offer a season pass and half day pricing.  They are open year round but make sure you call as they are only open on the weekends and some other days.  For more information you can go their Facebook page here.

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