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The problem with being good at what you do, makes it tough to get better.  Staying ahead of the game and reinventing yourself without losing what worked is always a struggle.  Ski-Doo continues to push ahead because “What Matters is What’s Next”.

Enter the new REV GEN 4 Chassis for 2017 along with the all new Rotax 850 E-TEC.

REV GEN 4 Chassis

Not only did Ski-Doo completely rebuild and redesign their chassis for 2017 they built an all new and redesigned engine.  In the past it’s always been about changing the engine on the same chassis or changing the chassis to fit a current engine design.  For 2017 Ski-Doo has done both at the same time, which they have never done before.

What are the changes on this new REV GEN 4 chassis and what makes it different?

– Side Panels Narrowed 2 inches on each side

– Beveled Tunnel

– New Gas Tank (no more burping the tank to get it full)

– Open Foot Wells (accessory to enclose if needed)

– All New Heat Exchanger that uses less fluid

– RAS 3 Front Suspension (1″ more stroke)

– Designed to Hold the 850 E-TEC only

– Centers the Engine for a Better Balanced Ride

– Slimmer Design than the XS Chassis

– 3-Step Ergo-Step Panel Design for Adjustable Riding Styles

– Flatter Running Boards (33%)

The idea was to make a leaner, fully balanced snowmobile that would feel like it’s a part of you, and BRP did a great job of bringing all that together.

Ski-Doo MXZ X

Everything was designed to narrow the chassis, drop some weight, improve performance and enhance Ski-Doo’s already superb handling.  By narrowing the side panels, paneling out on the side of a mountain isn’t as prevalent.  The open foot wells give the rider an option to pull and can add the enclosure accessory if they are used to pushing.

By balancing the engine, rider input is reduced, being able to reduce the amount of steering effort.  The 3-step Ergo-Step Panel design allows for 3 different types of riding styles as you lean into the turns.  Running boards are 33% flatter for a more natural, comfortable ride, not to mention an adjustable riser, standard on some models.

Rotax 850 ETEC

The all-new 850 ETEC has been listed as 165 hp but you have to believe it will put out more once it gets broke in.  The acceleration is phenomenal with the help of booster injectors in the throttle bodies.  So far results have been very promising with no lag and exceptional launching power.  This Rotax was built with a 2-piece crankshaft and direct injected oil to keep wear and tear to the minimum.

Not only is the 850 loaded with power, BRP managed to engineer  it to go 40% more on oil, mainly due to the direct injected lower half.  To top it all off the P-drive is virtually maintenance free with a roller bearing design.  Ski-Doo has put their focus on rider experience and who doesn’t like maintenance free.

REV GEN 4 Clutch

Here are the models that are available in the new Ski-Doo REV Chassis for 2017:

Spring Order Only Models


Renegade X 850 ETEC

Summit X 165 850 ETEC

Summit X 154 850 ETEC

In Season Models


Renegade Adrenaline 850 ETEC

Summit SP 165 850 ETEC

Summit SP 154 850 ETEC

All in all the new Ski-Doo REV GEN 4 850 ETEC looks to be a well balanced machine that focuses on the ride and performance that every snowmobile enthusiast desires.  With innovations like the new REV, Ski-Doo plans on staying on top of the ever challenging snowmobile mountain.

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