Ski-Doo Chassis, What's the Difference?

Jan 21, 2016


In 2003 when Ski-Doo came out with the REV Chassis they took the snowmobile world by storm.


The REV platform changed the way snowmobilers ride today putting them in a forward leaning position and bringing the center of gravity closer to the middle of the sled.  This allowed riders to lean and control the machine on trails and through deep snow with much more ease adding to the overall experience.


You might say that Ski-Doo REVolutionized the industry with their newly designed chassis as it is the standard that many others follow even today.


Now in 2016 the REV chassis has evolved and comes on 4 different platforms.   Here are those platforms and what the differences are:


Ski-Doo Summit


Ski-Doo REV-XM


You could say that the "M" in the XM stands for Mountain because that is what this chassis is designed for.  Mountain sleds have a much longer tunnel and are designed to handle deep snow and be able to hug the side of a mountain.


The REV-XM chassis comes on the Ski-Doo Summit, Freeride and new for 2016 it now comes on the Backcountry.  All these sleds come equipped with the tMotion suspension designed to lean against the mountain.


Here are some of the features for the REV-XM Platform:


- Light yet strong chassis

- Flexible riding position

- More forward foot position then XS

- 87% bigger running board openings then XS (to exhaust the snow quicker)

- Flat mounted gauges (to read while standing up)

- Low profile lightweight seat

- Side panels designed for ease of sliding through powder


Ski-Doo MXZ Family


Ski-Doo Rev-XS


The XS platform steers more toward the trail rider and crossover enthusiasts.  The seat is a little more comfortable than the mountain sled, the suspension allows you to stick to the road better during turns and you have the ability to lean from side to side without too much obstruction.


The REV-XS chassis comes on the Ski-Doo Renegade, MXZ and the Grand Touring models.  Almost all these models come with the rMotion suspension for excellent control in the turns.


Here are some of the features for the REV-XS Platform:


- Striking style

- Improved wind protection

- Added storage

- Easier serviceability

- More aggressive ergonomics (contoured side panels)

- More room for side to side movement (lean more aggressively in the corners)


Ski-Doo Renegade


Ski-Doo REV-XP


Want an economical sled then this is the chassis for you.  You will find this chassis in the Sport models.  Designed to be lightweight with standard suspension components.


The REV-XP chassis comes on the MXZ Sport 600, the Expedition Sport 550F and the Summit Sport models.


Here are some of the features for the REV-XP Platform:


- Compact

- Aggressive & Lightweight Look

- Flexible riding position for relaxed and performance riding styles

- Affordable price for a nice entry level sled


Ski-Doo Skandic


Ski-Doo REV-XU


Once again the "U" is synonymous with the style of this chassis as it is in the Utility category.  Designed to be a workhorse or a hunting sled this chassis is used to haul and pull.


The REV-XU comes on the Ski-Doo Expedition, Skandic and the Tundra.  These models come with the SC-5U suspension that is designed to handle large and heavy loads.


Here are some of the features for the REV-XU Platform:


- Accommodate larger tracks for deep snow floatation

- Synchromesh transmission with 2 forward gears for smooth takeoff

- Comfortable cruising driver position

- Built strong for work and play


The REV platform has definitely changed the way people play and work on snowmobiles and now you have choices.  Whether you want to go play on the side of the mountain, have fun on the trails, take a path less traveled or get work done in style, Ski-Doo has the chassis and sled that is specific to your needs and wants!


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