When Did ATV's Require Titles in Illinois

Oct 23, 2015


On Jan. 1st of 1998 Illinois started requiring ATV's and Off-Highway Vehicles to have a title.


When you buy an ATV at a Dealer in Illinois and you live in Illinois the dealer will charge you the $30.00 title fee and send in the paperwork for you. 


If you buy an ATV out of state and bring it back to Illinois you will need the paperwork from the dealer and then you need to go to the DMV to fill out the paperwork, pay the fee and get it titled. 


If you buy your ATV off of another person and you are an Illinois resident you will need to make sure you get the title from them and take it to the DMV to get it changed over into your name.


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In any case if you bought the ATV outright the title will be sent to you, if there is a loan on the ATV then the lien holder will receive the title until your loan is paid off.


Why do you need the title for your ATV?  If you ever decide to sell or trade your ATV to a dealership or another person you will need the title to be able to make the transaction.  This helps keep thieves from selling off-road vehicles that they have stolen.

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