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Oct 16, 2015


Can-Am has added some new engines and boosted the power on some current powerplants that sit cradled in their ATV's and Side by Sides.  Let's look at what's new for 2016:


Rotax 1000 Turbo

The Turbocharged Maverick has been given some more juice as it will now sport a 131 HP 1000R Turbo Charged engine.  This brings it up 10 HP from the 2015 model.  Larger injectors were added to increase flow, boost pressure was increased 10% and the Quick Response System CVT has new Roller Levers and a Driven Spring to help tame that horsepower to the wheels.


All that calculates to 8% more Horsepower at 7000 RPM than last year's model plus 4% more torque at 6000 RPM.  The Turbocharged Maverick XDS has been a popular model even in the 4-seater version.


Rotax 1000 ATV


The Rotax 1000 for the ATV side has been improved as well for 2016.  With a revised piston design, longer throttle body and now using cylinder heads from the Maverick engine, the 1000 has increased to 9% more horsepower taking it now to 89 HP.  Formerly at 82 HP the new Rotax 1000 continues to be Best in Class in the industry.  All the Outlander and Outlander MAX models will get the new 1000 including the Renegade.  The Outlander 6x6 will continue with the 82 HP version.


Rotax 850 ATV


New for 2016 is the 850R which replaces the 800R.  Bringing the 800 series engine up to 78 HP the 850 has larger pistons, a longer throttle body and also sports the Maverick style cylinder heads.  The 850 increases the HP by 10% with 7% more torque than the 800.  The 850 will replace the 800 in the Outlander, Outlander MAX and Renegade models.  Once again Can-Am leads the pack with Best in Class Horsepower.


Rotax 570 ATV


Replacing the 500 this year will be Can-Am's Rotax 570.  With 4% more HP and 9% more torque in it's category the 570 commits to better acceleration without compromise on it's top speed.  The 570 comes with larger pistons, a longer stroke and taller connecting rods.  The Outlander version of the 570 will also come with a lower L gear ratio for smoother transition on take off when carrying or pulling a load.  The new 570 replaces the 500 in the Outlander L, the L MAX, L XMR, Outlander, Outlander MAX, and the Renegade models.


Rotax 650 & 450 ATV


For 2016 the V-twin 650 comes with 62 HP in the base Outlander, DPS, XT, MAX DPS, MAX XT, Outlander 6x6 XT and the Outlander L XMR.  The 38 HP 450 Rotax engine only comes in the Outlander L and Outlander L DPS.


This year 70% of Can-Ams lineup got an engine upgrade to continue their Best in Class leading performance.


Maverick & Maverick MAX XDS Turbo 


Can-Am Packages


Here is clarification on what some of Can-Ams packages consist of:


D.E.S.S. - Digitally Encoded Security System

This isn't actually a package it is an option on certain packages.  The D.E.S.S. system consists of a module and a security ignition key with a chip in it that matches to the machine.  With D.E.S.S. even if someone steals your machine without the key they will not be able rig it up to start it.  The key is coded and by trying to use another Can-Am key it won't work unless the person can prove ownership at a dealership, where they will have to have it coded. 


But what makes D.E.S.S. so cool is that you can have up to 3 coded keys to fit your driving style.  For side by sides you can program 3 keys for 25 mph, 45 mph and full speed.  Normally they come with the 45 mph and full speed keys.  For ATV's you get the 45 mph and full speed only. 


So say maybe you have a hired hand on the farm and you don't want him to terrorize the cattle in your Commander at 75 mph, you give him the 25 mph key to keep him tamed down.  The throttle is controlled electronically and won't allow for any more than 25 mph. 


DPS - Dynamic Power Steering

Can-Am offers 3 modes of power steering, minimum, medium & maximum assist plus the resistance adjusts to speed, which makes it Dynamic.  A model with DPS will also come with other features such as nicer aluminum wheels and Visco-Lok QE.


XT - Xtra Tough (not really I just made that up : )

This package does make your vehicle Xtra Tough as it usually adds a Warn Winch, DPS (power steering), Radial Tires with Aluminum Wheels, Visco-Lok QE, Larger Multifunction Digital Gauge with more options, D.E.S.S. Security system along with Heavy-Duty Front & Rear Bumpers.  The XT package is perfect for those who want to plow snow or just need a workhorse ATV or Side by Side.


MAX - Monster All-Terrain w/Xtra Seats! (yes I made that one up too!)

If you see the word MAX then you will also see an extra row of seats or an extra seat on an ATV.  MAX just simply means it's a 2-Seater on an ATV or a 4-Seater on a Side by Side.  Nothing magical but it's always good to clarify.


So there you go, I hope this helps you make a better informed decision when choosing a new ATV or Side by Side.  Can-Am is always looking for ways to improve not only power but usability for it's customers in the ATV and Side by Side lineup.  I'm pretty sure there's a Can-Am to fit your need, check out our website for our in-stock and in-transit models.



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